The Better Letter: What could change your mind?

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Much has been made of the alleged cult-like status of Trump supporters. I suspect that there are as many cultists on the left as the right, but that's only a guess based upon human nature. 

As I see it, one way of deciding if you are part of a cult or not is whether something could happen that would make you change your mind and leave the group. Think of it as scientific falsification of a sort.

So let's get to it.

In my judgment, if the recent presidential election was truly stolen from President Trump, if he really won in a landslide had the votes been counted fairly, as he claims, American democracy is finished and violence is an entirely appropriate response.

On the other hand, if President-elect Biden truly won more Electoral College votes fair and square, President Trump's refusal to acknowledge and accept that reality is reason enough to remove him from office because it strikes at the heart of our political system.

Who do you think won more electoral votes in the 2020 presidential election?

Donald Trump

Joe Biden

In as much detail as possible, what makes you think so?

Here's the most important part. Please let me know which side you're on and, *as specifically as possible*, explain what you could discover or what could happen that would cause you to change your mind about who won.


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